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Laura Welsh - Undiscovered (Blonde Remix)

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Felon - Isla 

love this track from Felon, one to keep an eye on for sureeeee

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Boean - I’ll Be The Rhythm

love this! make sure to follow on soundcloud 

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Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (NVOY remix)

we’ve recently noticed these guys making their mark on the music scene, definitely worth checking out their soundcloud,

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our next event at the faversham on the 10th october, make sure to get down its going to be sickkkkk

our next event at the faversham on the 10th october, make sure to get down its going to be sickkkkk

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aaditi jewellery

one of our team have started their own fresh jewellery line, check it out!

silver turtle necklace - 0

healing turquoise stone dream-catcher necklace - 0

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(Source: mydearmilo)

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Bondax - Giving It All (FKJ remix)

so our good mates Bondax have released yet another great track, however this FKJ remix adds some more funk, give it a listen 

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Izzy Bizu - White Tiger

guarantee this is going to get very big, she has such a good voice, surely not long till someone realises and does a remix?  

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Phaeleh ft. Jess Mills - Storm (Applebottom Remix)

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i love her outfit omggggg






i love her outfit omggggg


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Body Party - Krypt (ciara edit)


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are you guys gay or what you battyboys gonna punch ya out ya nigga

ye m8, lovin it.. bloggin n that, you boys may get a feature sometime, watch out ;) haha

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Interview with Twin / / Peaks

Kit & Callum are the two guys behind Twin / / Peaks, relatively new in the music scene we are loving what they’re producing. Check out their soundcloud : … keep your ears and eyes peeled on them big things are definitely going to come their way! 

and we’re extremely jealous of Callum’s summer plans

 1. What did you want to be when you grew up?

- Kit: I think I wanted to be a pilot, either that or Spiderman

- Callum: serious answer… a car designer, love old school American hot rods and muscle cars. Hillbilly/redneck answer… a goat and chicken breeder; free cheese, milk (goat style) eggs and chicken of course.

2. What has been your worst job?

- Kit:I was a trainee signfitter for a while, that was pretty horrid.

- Callum: Retail. Treated like a slave, spoken to like a moron, just all the great ingredients for a job.

3. Who have been your biggest influences?

Kit: Todd Edwards, LTJ Bukem, Quincy Jones, Theo Parrish, MJ Cole, Kerri Chandler, MK, Grant Nelson, Daft Punk, London Elektricity, Tuff Jam, Booker T

- Callum: I’d have to say old school would be ‘Johnick’ and the likes of ‘24 hour experience’ Nice and Ripe was a great label. Currently really enjoying Liam Geddes and Kezla’s sounds.

4. What would your ideal rider be?

Kit: A bouncy castle, a marshmallow ball pit, 4 trained seals, a lion & lion tamer, fire breather (to toast the marshmallows), a jacuzzi, some fine cigars, 4 bottles of amaretto, 4 bottles of grey goose (coz we’re ballers) and an olympic Brazilian womens volleyball team.

Callum: A bottle of Southern comfort mixed with a blueberry tango iceblast from the cinema of course, a full rack of ribs bbq style from TGI’S and a pack of munchies for desert.

5. Do you like marmite?

- Kit: I like Twiglets but not Marmite (controversial)

Callum: No. But been told it repels nats :s

6.  What software do you use to produce?

Kit: Reason/Logic

- Callum: a combination of Reason and logic, the user interface and your workflow in reason is great to get your ideas down fast and easy to read what you’re working on.

7. What would be your porn name?

- Kit: Saxon Leonard

- Callum: Bruce Bigdownlow

8. What has been your most extravagant purchase?

- Kit: Probably my car

 - Callum: Allen&Heath Xone:42 mixer, was the best and brokest day of my life.

9. What’s the messiest you’ve ever been whilst djing?

- Kit: Farnborough house party with Jaymo & Andy George; I don’t even remember getting on the decks….

Callum: I had a house/garden party last year and had around 150 people from 2 in the afternoon till around 3am and can honestly say the only thing I recall was myself and 5 to 8 friends djing to a crazy crowd of friends and keeping two streets awake with the ridiculous sound sytem we had hired, Great party, could just about see my four hands.

10. How do people react when you walk into a party?

-  Kit: Can’t say I’ve ever noticed

Callum: In my head: Sam Jones (Flash Gordon) has arrived, In reality: who’s that long haired weirdo?  

11. What would I find in your fridge right now?

- Kit: Onken Yoghurt, Chicken, Salad, Milk, Milk, Milk, Cheese, French Dressing, Bertolli, Apple Juice & Milk

Callum: A chocolate cake, milk, cheese slices, a jelly pot all your favourite childhood classics.

12. How do you describe what you do, to someone who doesn’t know you?

- Kit: We try to put a new spin on classic house & garage

Callum: I’m gonna put this in the words of my Nan. I party and play records at some big discos.

13.  Have you ever been arrested - if yes, how come?

- Kit: Nope

Callum: Nope. Partying isn’t a crime.

14.  What’s the coolest venue you’ve played at?

- Kit: Has to be Fabric

- Callum: Either Cargo in Shoreditch or Crucifix in London bridge both great venues and great crowds.

15. Where do you see yourself in 30 years?

- Kit: Preferably on a yacht in the West Keys

- Callum: Living in San Francisco or somewhere in US with a nice busy lifestyle.

16. If you could live in any decade, which would it be?

- Kit: 60’s or 80’s

- Callum: : The 1950’s would be my decade of choice, great cars, great music and great attire.

17. If you could only wear one brand of clothing, what would it be?

- Kit: Casual - Nike, Smart - Reiss

- Callum: Would have to say Rick Owens, love that dark contemporary gothic style.

18. What are your favourite sweets?

- Kit: Giant Strawberries

- Callum: m&m’s are a love but go crazy for some strawberry laces.

19. Do you have any big plans for the summer?

- Kit: mostly working on new music and attempting to get a tan!

- Callum: Have a road trip planned in August driving from San Francisco all the way down to San Diego then over to Las Vegas so crazy couple of weeks in the US.

20. What is your tune of the summer?

- Kit: Blonde - It’s You

- Callum: Would have to say it’s a track of our friend over at All Over It Records by ‘ Ozzi’ titled ‘Heartbreak’ great 90’s influenced bouncy house track.

21. And finally, who do you think we should watch out for?

- Kit: I’d like to say Us but that may come across a little arrogant, Draig Cavid, our good friends.

- Callum: I would say keep an eye out for Pura music and Made Fresh Daily both great record labels releasing some amazing tracks from so really talented new artists.

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Sango x Kaytranada = The Sound of Tomorrow


Sango x Kaytranada = The Sound of Tomorrow

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